World Hunger Speech

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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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World hunger

What if you didn’t have energy to talk or even walk, just because you haven’t eaten in the whole day? Some of you just take it wrong and think: “well, I have skipped a couple of meals and … yes! Here I am. Big deal”. Right? Well, you are wrong. Today I am going to talk you about an issue that is concerning a lot of people around the world. The world hunger.

The United Nations reports that daily, over 800 million people go hungry, while every 3.2 seconds, someone in the world dies of hunger. Most of the world’s hungry is concentrated in China and India, with the found mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. But even developed nations have to deal with this problem; United Kingdom and United States have millions of hungry people in their territories too. Malnutrition affects 24 percent of children under five years old, rising as 40 percent in the poorest areas, however many women and children suffer from micronutrient deficiencies such as Anemia, which affects 59 percent of people in the world.

What is really concerning me is that we care a lot more about issues that aren’t as important as this one is. There is where I stop and ask to myself, why are our children starving? In Latin America we have three times the necessary amounting to feed the entire population. This people can’t wait a hundred years more. We need to live in a world in which together we can find a solution. We need to find new ways to distribute food, so no child has to go bed hungry. By developing new methods for maximizing crop growth on land, people can grow enough food to get their needs, and then we can get the goal we are searching. We need to see this through an end. Not only that strong countries need to join in the fight against hunger. Today I am concern and as I said at beginning my purpose is to let you know in which kind of world we are living, and how our ideas, our minds, can produce a change in our planet. Because we are the change, we are the future and...
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