World History: The Worst Dictator of Them All

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  • Published : June 1, 2011
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World History: Who was the worst Dictator of them all?

May 25th, 2011
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I will be comparing and contrasting three dictators, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. These three men are considered to be the world’s mass murdering dictator and I would like to investigate which one of them is the worst one of them all. Hitler who was Fuhrer for Germany is infamous for his doings in World War II and his killing of Jewish people. Then there is Stalin who caused the great terror in USSR and used cunning schemes to achieve his goals and was a key person during the Cold War. Finally there is Mao Zedong the great Chinese revolutionist who fought against the Chinese Nationalist Party and changed China in many ways using many social and economic policies.

I will be judging “worst dictator” by the amount of death, social and economic problems caused during their rule and will also consider the rise to their power as a basis to judge these three dictators. I will be giving worst dictator to whoever has the most death and worst social and economic problems considering their position. In the social and economic problems caused it will be mainly be the leader create talking about policies and whether or not it was successful or not. I will also take in the consideration of propaganda used by dictators to influence the people’s trust.

Firstly, Mao Zedong the President of the People’s Republic China or formerly known Chairman of the People’s Republic China started out to be a mere librarian working in a Chinese college. He then joins the Chinese communist party that rebels against the existing ruling Nationalist party in China, the KMT. Mao led his rebels across china fighting and running away from the KMT. However in October 1st of 1949 he creates the People’s Republic of China and turns China into communist. Many Chinese liked and followed him due to his status as legendary revolutionist who bettered the poor and fought for the people who could not fight. In 1958, he sets out to do the Great Leap Forward, which was simply put a 5-year plan type of scheme where the goal was to modernize China radically. This reformation involved large agricultural communes and about 75,000 farmers, these communes did their own collective farms and families. Following Marxist principles all wages were equally shared amongst the families in the commune. Each family also received a small strip of land. However by 1962 this reformation stopped due to Soviet Union could not afford to back up China and this failure caused Mao to resign from his post as Chairman of PRC. Many had died of starvation and about 50 million died at this point.

Even though he resigned Mao was openly still playing politics, in 1966 he would start an initiative called the Great Cultural Revolution. This involved in the Chinese government allowing critics of the government to openly speak out against the government and China. This was totally against what Mao had installed when he was Chairman, he took away all forms of freedom of speech and had installed many Marxist ideas that were implied by Soviet Union. After the critics finished criticizing the government and Mao, he gathered up college students and made them attack the critics. Proclaiming that these student body were the Red Guard, who had a responsibility to protect China, Mao started ordering unexplainable orders. During this time there was a politician by the name of Liu Shiaoqi who had notions of wage differentiation and freedom of speech. Mao gave out orders such as banning education, never to consider intellectuals as superiors, and killed roughly around 78 million Chinese people by this time (including Tibet incident). However this was all indirect killing. He then gave almost all his power to the Gang of Four who caused many troubles and the Chinese public despised them.

Everyone liked Mao even though he killed so many people and caused so many disturbances. His image as great revolutionary leader is still...
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