World History Notes for Ch 13

Topics: Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Mongols Pages: 4 (762 words) Published: December 31, 2012
CH. 13 Notes
Nomadism in C Asianomadism is a way of life forced by a scarcity of resources
Nomadic groups have the lowest pop. Desnsity
In time of droughts conflicts increase
Result extermination alliances frequent out migration
Everyone was full time herdsman hunter and warrior
Mongol superb riders
Can shoot while galloping
Leader = khan
Khan’s decision ratified by a council
Completion for resources reinforced slavery and tribute in C. Asia
Some become slaves so they don’t go through starvation
Children were pawns for diplomacy
Arranged marriage at age of 8
Nomads aided in spread of religion
Idea of universal rule important to mongols
Nomads strove for economic self efficiency
Iron important to nomads
Traded with agricultural societies for necessities
Mongol conquestGenghis became Great Khan by 1206
Genghis died in 1227 by alcoholism
His son continues his campaigns seeking domination of China
1236 genghis’s grandson Batu took over all towns of Russia along the Volga River
Eu survived because great khan ogodei died
Mongols beat lots of stong enemies because of their bows
Mamluk’s forces matched the mongol’s forces
Mongol’s success was the use of Genghis’s principle of adaptabilities
Mongols gave 3 options
Be slaughtered
Be slaughtered later
Or give in and be under their control
Overland trade &Eu used silk in many ways like décor and clothes
Plaguemongol elites were only people who wore silk
EU free from bubonic plague since 700
Plague transferred from rats fleas etc
Mongol rivalrysome mongols were believers of islam before the raid in Mid. East
Mongols under Hulegu command were slow to become exposed to muslim religion
Muslim and mongols had a hatred between them because of the execution of the
Last Abbasid caliph
Shamanic method of the mongols forbade the spilling of blood
Islamic code of cleanliness required the draining of blood...
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