World History Climates

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Vanessa Cotterill
Writing Assignment #1

There are many ways that the world’s changing climates had influenced the settlements of Oceania and the Americas. These people were not exactly prepared for what the Earth had in store for them. Who would have known that global warming would have already started happening years and years ago?

The Americas and Oceania both had settlements that were south of the equator or very close to the equator. By the equator, the climate was very hot, the air was wet and heavy, and it liked to rain a lot, which was hard for many crops to grow. These settlements relied mainly on hunting and gathering to keep their communities fed. Once the food source ran out in one area, they packed up and moved to a new area that was rich with new food sources. The Americas eventually migrated south into the central Andes Mountains, where the climate was cool and moist. This climate allowed an abundance of animals to roam and be readily available for the Americas to hunt. These animals ranged from deer, llama, alpaca, and other large animals. Eventually the climate in this area became warm and dry, and the Americas had to resort to other means of food and agriculture. The people of Oceania also were hunters and gathers because the hot and humid climate did not allow many things to grow there unnaturally.

Another reason that the world’s changing climate influenced the settlements of the Americas and Oceania was the rising of the sea level. The warming climate caused many of the glaciers to melt, which caused the sea levels to rise and much of the lower lands to be covered with water. The Bering Strait, which used to be a piece of land connecting Asia and America, was now a body of water, which did not allow people to travel between the two continents anymore. The people of the Americas settled throughout modern day North and South America, and the people of Oceania settled throughout Australia and a few of the surrounding islands....
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