World History Chapter 1 Study Guide

Topics: Mesopotamia, Sumer, Fertile Crescent Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: January 15, 2013
World History Chapters 1-2 Study Guide
1) What is one aspect of Egyptian and Mesopotamian society that they had in common? The women could own property and go into priesthood.
2) What was the advantage of the Chinese writing system?
The writing system was universal.
3) What are trade, specialized work, government, record keeping, and advance technology characteristics of? A civilization 4) What ancient city was founded on the banks of the Euphrates River? Ur

5) What is the Mandate of Heaven?
When a just ruler had divine approval by a god to rule
6) What do the pyramids of Egypt tell us about their society? They tell us that the people of Egypt believed in an afterlife, had a powerful leader, had tools 7) What was the system of writing that the Sumerian scribes created? Cuneiform

8) What economic activity characterized the advanced cities of Sumer? Trade
9) How was Sargon of Akkad’s first empire formed?
Sumeria was defeated and they united Northern and Southern Mesopotamia to create an umpire 10) Why do we know nothing about the Indus Valley civilization? We cannot decipher their written language

11) Which species of hominids disappeared nearly 30,000 years ago? Neanderthals
12) What metal did Sumer use instead of copper and it has an age named after it? Bronze
13) What was the first hominid group to migrate?
Homo erectus
14) What was the ancient village located in modern day Turkey? Catal Huyuk
15) What was the name of the movement from hunter-gathering to farming called? Neolithic Revolution
16) What were some daily activities of nomads?
Finding food, finding a place to rest, making knives, fish hooks, sewing needles, and spears 17) What were the social classes of the people of Ur?
1st class: Priests/Landowners/Warriors 2nd Class: Merchants 3rd Class: Peasants/Artisans 18) What was the main result of the domestication of animals? There was a constant source of food
19) What functions...
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