World Heritage Sites Analysis

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Considering the World Heritage Sites you will visit in the Ilocos Region (Church of San Agustin in Paoay , La Asuncion dela Nuestra Senora in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur and the Historic Town of Vigan) find answers to the following questions by observing, interviewing, researching, etc.

1. What makes the Ilocandia a World Heritage Site?

Ilocandia is considered a World Heritage site because of its rich treasures. These rich treasures are the cultural and natural heritage sites that are irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. And it is because of the churches erected by the Spaniards, and the history that lies in the place. Places as unique and diverse like Paoay Church that has a unique combination of baroque and oriental styles, and Vigan, the Intramuros of the Ilocos, when I compare this to heritage place also makes Ilocandia a World Heritage site.

2. What are the threats that face the world heritage sites

Ilocandia’s sites are not free from threats. I think the earthquakes and other natural disasters, pollution, uncontrolled urbanization and the heritage sites are somewhat not taken care anymore so they can easily break.

3. What brings about the successful preservation of these world heritage sites?

The fact that it is belief that World Heritage sites belong to everyone and should be preserved for future generations is the very principle on what brings the successful preservation of these World Heritage sites. And they are successfully preserved because they still exist until now and they are still being visited by tourists.

4. What is protected in the world heritage sites?

Those elements that reveal the heritage values of a site from the various kinds of threats it faces over time. The artifacts, walls, buildings, and the things found inside the heritage sites are still protected in order for it to be preserved.

5. How are world heritage sites protected? What protection measures do they follow? (localized your answers based on your local findings)

On what I saw in one of the heritage sites, the sites are being protected by some local people who are also the heritage guides in the said location who give information about the heritage sites. Like for example in the case of The Historic Town of Vigan City, they are protecting/preserving its cobblestone streets and its unique European architecture. That’s why other vehicles are permitted to enter these streets. Only kalesas are allowed. And in the case of Paoay Church, they are protecting its physical appearance since it was partially destroyed twice by an earthquake and because of this, people built columns to support the ceiling of the church.

6. What impacts the presence of visitors have on world heritage sites and the host community?

Visitors’ impact can bring economic benefits to Ilocandia. Visitors can help Ilocanos like by creating employment and helping Ilocandia’s local business. The host community, Ilocanos, living in and around in a heritage site also have impact. They can play a very important role in the conservation of the site. Why? Because they know the site well. If they’re not aware of the value of its heritage, they can damage a site more than anybody else.

7. What steps are adopted in order to influence and encourage visitors toward adopting responsible behavior during their visit (and even afterwards)?

First and foremost, responsible, mature, well-informed individuals and proper behavior is really needed while visiting. We were well...
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