World Health Organisation

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World Health Organisation (WHO)
Purpose of WHO
In today’s society, health is a shared responsibility which involving accessibility WHO (World Health Organisation) is the authority that directs and coordinates health in the United Nations. It provides guidance on international health matters, heavily influences the health research programs, articulates policy options that are evidence-based, provides technical support to countries and monitors and assesses global health patterns. In today’s society, health is a important and shared responsibility. WHO (world health Organisation) leads the international health in the United Nations. It provides leadership on critical matters concerning health and engages in partnerships when joint action is required. WHO also shapes the research agenda and translates and disseminates valuable knowledge. It sets norms and standards as well as promoting and monitoring their implementation. The organisation provides technical support, catalyses change as well as building sustainable institutions. Most importantly, the World Health Organisation monitors the global health situation and assesses the health patterns and trends. History of WHO

The League of National Health Organisation was established following World War I and the creation of the United Nations in 1945. Setting up a global health organisation was one of the things discussed when the United Nations were formed. It was to take control in matters of international concern - prevention and control of disease. The constitution of the World health Organisation was signed by all 61 countries of the United Nations by 22nd July 1946 and became the first specialised agency to which every member subscribed. The constitution formally activated on 7th April 1948, a date that we all now celebrate as World Health Day. The logo of the World Health Organisation features one of the most used medical symbols, the Rod of Asclepius, a symbol of healing which fits perfectly to the purpose...
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