World Government Paper - Saudi Arabia

Topics: Charles de Gaulle, France, Law Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Jordan Shepherd
SSC 11103 (Section 03)
World Government Paper
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The French Government
I have chosen to select the French government for my paper. I have chosent this government baecause France was were democracy was reborn, and where there was a gradual evolution away from autocracy and toward a liberal parlimentary system. The system that today characterizes this Government. I believe that this government reflects its history because it was so instable, The constitution was so unstable and that made the French people regard laws differently. They would treat the law as a rule they live under instead of an actual rule/ law like in Great Britain. The French Government reflects back on this constitution because although it is so unorganized still to this day, it is a lot better than what it was 300 years ago. People back then would be proud of breaking the law. The French government structure is very centralized. The government is able to set universal standards that apply throughout France. It has been my experience that the departments are not like states in the US. They have little power to change what is set by the national government. That said, the French don't sit around if the national government does something they don't like. In 1995, France was just about shutdown by strikes and protests against the policies of the newly-elected Chirac government. France's political institutions have undergone several changes since the 1789 revolution. The present constitution, adopted in 1958 and revised in 1962, established the Fifth Republic and provided for a powerful president, originally Charles DE GAULLE, and a bicameral legislature with less power than it had in the past. The president is elected by direct popular vote for a 7-year term. He appoints the prime minister and may dissolve the National Assembly. The French Governement has evolved rapidly over the past 300 years, Ever since the Third republic, established in 1871...
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