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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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Question #1: Using the documents, compare and contrast the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions’ origins until about 1500. Are there indications of change over time in either case, or both? What kinds of additional documents would you need to assess the consequences of these attitudes on merchant activities?

1) Has acceptable thesis.
The thesis must be explicit and based on the documents. It must deal with BOTH a comparison of the attitudes of Christianity and Islam and the change in the attitudes of each over time. The thesis may appear in any location, and the comparative and change over time components may be split and appear in different places. It may not only be attitudes simple rewording of the question.

2) Uses all or all but 1 of the documents.
May misinterpret documents and still receive the point.

3) Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from documents.

Here students must address the issue Change Over Time with appropriate grouping and/or interpretation of the docs. Students need not cite the document, but its use must be evident. The student must use the documents implicitly or explicitly to support the arguments for change over time. The treatment of Islam and Christianity need not be equal, but the discussion of change over time must include both. Some examples of general groupings:

• Early Christianity condemns trade (Doc. 1, 3)
• Early Islam supports trade (Doc. 2)
• Both religions moderate their earlier positions over the period (Doc. 4-7)

4) Understands the basic meaning of documents cited in the essay. May misinterpret the content of no more than one document in a way that leads to an inaccurate grouping or a false conclusion.

5) Analyzes point of view or bias in at lease 2 documents. Must show point of view in at least two documents by:
• Explains what informs the author’s thought or perspective, for example, the author’s religion, occupation, or time period OR • Assessing the reliability of the source OR
• Recognizing that different kinds of documents serve different purposes OR • Analyzing tone or intent of documents
6) Analyzes and synthesizes documents by grouping them in at least 1 way. Here students must make Comparisons with an appropriate grouping and/or interpretation of the docs. They must use the documents to support the arguments for comparison. Treatment of Christianity and Islam need not be even, but should be substantive. Some examples of comparisons are:

• Similarities between Christianity and Islam in attitudes toward trade • Differences between Christianity and Islam in attitudes toward trade • Categories of sources (e.g., merchants, scholars)

7) Identifies one type of appropriate additional document(s). Students may include attitudes specific type of document or additional perspective (e.g., non-Muslim, non-Christian). They must include sources or perspectives that go beyond those already included in the documents.

Subtotal 7 Points


Expands beyond basic core of 1-7 points. A student must earn 7 points in the basic core area before earning points in the expanded core area. 0-2 Points

• Has attitudes clear, analytic and comprehensive thesis. • Uses documents persuasively as evidence.
• Shows careful and insightful analysis of the documents. • Analyzed point of view or bias consistently and effectively. • Analyzes the documents in additional way---groupings, comparisons, syntheses. • Brings in relevant “outside” historical content. • Identifies more than one type of appropriate additional document.

Doc. 1: Sources: Christian Bible, New Testament (Matthew), about 70-80 C.E. The rich will have attitudes very hard time getting into heaven. It will probably be...
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