World Culture

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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Setting Cultural Parameters

Social scientists who study culture use many criteria’s to arrive at a definition, or description that is representative of a culture. If you had to use a political, social, and linguistic example to define American culture to a visitor from mars, what three items would you choose? Why? Support your three choices with insights from the reading and discussions that were held in class. It is my opinion that of the three choices it would have to be linguistic that will be the most important way to convey meaning, understanding and communication if you want to explain American culture in any meaningful way. If the alien is from mars than we are dealing with a completely different life form that will indeed be completely alien in every way that we could understand. On earth there is currently no cross species communication that we can use to communicate with other species on our planet. The likelihood that we would be able to communicate with another culture or civilization that hasn’t had contact with earth before in any meaningful way is unlikely. If I had to start somewhere though, I would start by sending retting and as much information about who we are in every language that humanity has ever spoken through the use of radio or through other means to try to establish a dialogue. I would explain once a line of communication was established what kind of social and political planet we are as well as explain that America wasn’t the only nation on earth. As a society earth is fractured with many different nation and cultures and that the alien from mars would have to understand that we hope they come in peace and that we hope to forge a lasting peace between our worlds. America is a mix of almost all other culture on earth and would probably be the most likely place that they will find that earth will has to offer. America would be there most likely place that they would want to communicate with first and through America the UN Security...
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