World Com / Ebbers Ethics Violations

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Fraud Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: September 2, 2010
Bernie Ebbers should have gone to jail. I disagree with the 25 year length of his sentence but he is at least partially to blame for the WorldCom fiasco. I think the government used the length of the sentence to prove a point and the only prior sentence comparable to this was John J. Rigas from Adelphia Communications earlier in the year . I think the CFO Scott Sullivan got a light sentence and consciously knew what he was doing and could have put a stop to it. He should have been the good advisor telling Ebbers not to proceed with this fraud. Ebbers probably could not have figured out how to produce this type of fraud without financial experts doing the dirty work. Even if Ebbers was the one telling his accountants to cook the books, his accountants and the auditors should have put a stop to it. There were too many people that knew what was going on. Somebody should have said this is not right and I could not live with myself if I did this. In my searches of information, I tried to find reasoning to why Ebbers should not have gone to jail. As much as I looked and thought I had an avenue to say he should not, I kept coming back to the one topic I could not find in any of my readings. That topic is to know your people (the people that work directly for Ebbers). That reason alone I think Ebbers should have gone to prison. People at the level just under the CEO are direct representatives to him. Ebber’s main source for information on what is going on in the company comes from these people. He may not be the expert on financial statements. He hired people that are the experts and can explain the information in a way he could understand. I could never fathom the amount of information he would have to keep track of running a company the size of WorldCom. All I know is it could be overwhelming. All the more reason he should know his executives that much more. Someone that becomes CEO of a large corporation does not get there without a good support...
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