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Providing "World-Class Customer Service" is to anticipate the needs of your customers before the customers actually have the need. Be ready and prepared to handle those needs. A world-class customer service provider doesn't hesitate to seek out resources for the benefit of the customer. The customer can be a client, a patient, a parent or a student. In any instance, providing world-class customer services means service excellence of award-winning caliber. Gaining and retaining customer loyalty through communication, honesty, and above-average delivery of goods or services can move you from mediocre to world-class status. •

1.Servicing Customers
Attracting and retaining customers is key to servicing them. Without customers, delivering world-class service is a moot point. To attract customers, a world-class customer service provider intensely studies customers and employees to see: (1) where your employees could be failing your customers; (2) where your services or products could be failing your customers; and finally, (3) ways to improve both situations. No matter the industry, outside influences such as technology, education or other factors make cause a customer's need to change over time. To retain customers an astute world-class customer service provider revisits business plans and strategies that stay on top of trends. This practice will keep you ready for the customer's changing needs. Communication is another way to service your customer. Communicate often with customers. Whether customers come to you or you need to go to the customer, each is of equal value. It should be of paramount importance to you and your organization to reach customers. Don't be afraid of the phone. This is to say, do not rely solely on websites, email or other automated marketing tools. Pick up the phone and call you customers to make sure that they have all they need. Be prepared to suggest and foresee what they may need. This is fail-proof way to offer...
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