World Civilizations Before Islam

Topics: Muhammad, Roman Empire, Hadith Pages: 10 (4282 words) Published: December 19, 2012
WOrld civilizations before Islam This Hadith of the HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh from Ayaz Bin donkey Majasai t, which illustrates the case of the ground before the mission r “God looked at the people of the earth, and disapproved of Arabhm Agamhm and only remnants of the people of the book.people have reached a degree of degradation brought about God Do I, and self-hatred is the intensity of hatred. . And the use of the Prophet r to express the word (residues) suggests Balothreyp, ie, as if the effects of time immemorial have no value in reality of the people, on the other hand, these residues did not represent entire communities, but were members of countless: a man in a city, and another in the city of a second away from the first of hundreds of miles away, and so on. : So, let us penetrate the boundaries of time and place: . – Penetrate the boundaries of time to get to the mission before the Messenger of Allah r. - . – Location and penetrate the border to get to every spot on earth was contemporary with the Messenger of Allah r, and stroll between the East and the West, only to encounter conditions of people and monarchs, ethics and foul, and we discover the fact that the so-called civilizations at that time. Romanian civilization before IslamThe Roman state by state sprawling, was running three-quarters of the continent of Europe, almost, God has sent down the Qur’an in Surat U start by mentioning the defeat of the Persians, the Roman victory to them, and called Ar-Rum, this huge empire was divided into two main sections: . * Bank of the Roman Empire and its capital (Rome) and had fallen. ** Romanian state with its capital in East (Constantinople), which bore the banner of Christianity in the world and time, and the king is Emperor Heraclius (Emperor and the title of Emperor of Constantinople). (A) the religious situation- . – Torn apart by ideological differences between the denominations of Christians, the bonds of this State, it was ugly their differences, the dispute between the Orthodox and the Eastern Church on the one hand, and Catholicism and the Western Church on the other hand was a sharp dispute has resulted in devastating wars that killed tens of thousands. Even within the Romanian State Eastern Orthodox themselves caught between a sterile controversy Almlkanp – they are on the doctrine of the King – which believes the dual nature of Christ, that his two natures: human and divine. And a range Almnovisip – the people of Egypt and Ethiopia – which believes the nature of divine and one Christ, and the range Almlkanp torturing a range of other terrible torture, Faihrkonhm sometimes, Igrkonhm other times, though they are all sons of doctrine and one is Orthodox. . These ideological differences were still raging so far, each range may differ from her Bible from the other parts, and each community churches that do not allow children of the other community to pray it, and all this was the Islamic conquest of Egypt is for the Copts asylum from persecution and torture of the Romanian state to them, have mercy on the Muslims of this persecution and left wills them to His religion. . – Pope in Italy, people worship him, and accept his so authorize them to do, as in the tract, and the kingdoms of the Bakri God’s mercy. (B) the moral case- . – Hit the Romanian state dissolution of congenital great, resulted in delayed age of marriage because of the concentration of enormous wealth in the hands of a few of the initial power, while people live in extreme poverty, no longer young people have to get married, went away to adultery, and dubious relationships, preferring celibacy to marriage. – Are already bribery in dealing with state officials, to carry out any action or obtain any right. – Brutal foul: That is reflected in their play, and in both wars: In the play was a means of entertainment for them: slaves conflict with wild beasts in cages closed, while enjoying the princes and ministers to see...
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