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Topics: Spain, Philip II of Spain, Ferdinand Magellan Pages: 11 (3672 words) Published: October 3, 2012
APWH Ch. 23-25 Test Review
Ch. 23
1. The Portuguese mariner who sailed to Calicut in 1498 was A. DiasB. ColumbusC. CookD. Vasco da Gama 2. Which of the following was not one of the main inspirations for European exploration? A. The desire to conquer China and IndiaB. The search for basic resourcesC. The desire to establish new trade routes to Asian marketsD. The desire to spread Christianity 3. The first European nation to dominate trade with Asia was A. EnglandB. SpainC. PortugalD. France 4. The Portuguese viewed the Atlantic Ocean islands as the perfect location for the cultivation of A. CottonB. SugarcaneC. IndigoD. Maize 5. Which of the following was not a reason for the European interest in finding a maritime trade route? A. The spread of the bubonic plague made the silk roads more dangerousB. Mongol domination had caused trade along the silk roads to stopC. The high prices charged by Muslim merchantsD. The demand in Europe for items such as Indian pepper and Chinese ginger| 6. The reconquista came to an end in 1492 when A. Constantinople fell to Islamic forcesB. Jerusalem was recaptured by European forces as part of the seventh CrusadeC. The Muslim kingdom of Granada fell to Spanish Catholic forcesD. The silk roads were overrun by Mongol forces 7. Lateen sails had the advantage of A. Allowing for faster travel than anything available in the Islamic worldB. Working better in crosswindsC. Being so colorful that they could be seen from many miles awayD. Being able to take full advantage of a wind blowing from behind 8. The astrolabe was designed to measure A. LatitudeB. VelocityC. DistanceD. Longitude 9. Which of the following were both Chinese inventions? A. Sternpost rudder and magnetic compassB. Astrolabe and magnetic compassC. Lateen sail and astrolabeD. Square sail and sternpost rudder 10. Which of the following men conquered the Moroccan port of Ceuta and sponsored a series of voyages down the west African coast? A. Christopher ColumbusB. Henry VIII of EnglandC. Francis I of FranceD. Henry of Portugal| 11. The first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope was A. Bartolomeu DiasB. Vasco da GamaC. Dom HenriqueD. James Cook 12. The profitable merchandise that Vasco da Gama purchased in India was made up of A. Gold and silverB. Silk and artworkC. Pepper and cinnamonD. Silk and ceramics 13. Christopher Columbus's decision to sail west to reach Asia was based on A. Assistance from an experienced Muslim sailorB. Secret information on trade routes that he had received indirectly from Chinese sourcesC. Legends left over from the earlier Viking voyagesD. His miscalculation of the distance from the Canary Islands to Japan 14. When Columbus reached this area, he sent delegates to seek the court of the emperor of China. A. CubaB. JapanC. BrazilD. Nova Scotia 15. On 12 October 1492, Columbus made landfall on an island that the native Ta'nos called A. PalosB. Guanahan'C. CalicutD. San Salvador 16. The first circumnavigation of the world was completed in 1522 byA. Francis DrakeB. Ferdinand MagellanC. Vasco da GamaD. Ferdinand Magellan's crew|

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17. Ferdinand Magellan established a trade route between Mexico and A. SpainB. Hawai`iC. PortugalD. The Philippines 18. Most of the actual exploration of the Pacific Ocean was carried out by the A. SpanishB. PortugueseC. EnglishD. Dutch 19. The explorer who led three expeditions into the Pacific in the eighteenth century was A. James CookB. Ferdinand...
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