World Aids Day Report

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UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report | 2012





he sun finds a way to shine into even the deepest parts of the forest. It is a metaphor for all of us who are working to restore hope and dignity around the world.

In the history of the AIDS response there have been, and still exist, many obstacles to overcome but our path is clear—we work together to get results for all people. To the millions who have come together with compassion and determination, on this World AIDS Day we say, your blood, sweat and tears are changing the world. Results are accelerating There were more than 700 000 fewer new HIV infections globally in 2011 than in 2001. Africa has cut AIDS-related deaths by one third in the past six years. And as services have been scaled up, uptake has followed. In fact, what had taken a decade before is now being achieved in 24 months. In the past two years there has been a 60% increase in the number of people accessing lifesaving treatment—8 million people are on antiretroviral therapy. In most parts of the world we have seen a reduction in new HIV infections among young people. We have a special message to you. We can all see by the results that you already are “the change we want to see in the world”. We want to know more about your aspirations and dreams. We urge you to continue to engage and lead—and we are counting on you to use your youth as best as you possibly can. As we enter into the final years of working towards the Millennium Development Goals and the United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS, much remains to be done to reach our targets.


UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report 2012

Treatment has not yet reached 7 million people. We have three years to eliminate all new HIV infections among children. The people who are most affected by HIV still experience marginalization and exclusion. The results we have seen show us that the momentum of our collective political will and follow through can overcome the biggest of obstacles and challenges—even the shortness of time. It shows us that with our steadfast determination and compassion—that invisible cord that binds us to other human beings regardless of race, gender, personal status, religion or national borders—we can get results for all people.

Aung San Suu Kyi UNAIDS Global Advocate for Zero Discrimination

Michel Sidibé UNAIDS Executive Director




Countries like South Africa and India scale up services



Reduction in new HIV infections

UNAIDS call for the elimination of new HIV infections among children in 2009

81 countries increase domestic investments by 50%

+ +
Fewer deaths
Faster scale up of HIV treatment

Reaching pregnant women

More investments

Young people leadership



Community engagement


UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report 2012

Key populations not reached

Gap to fill by 2015 HIV prevention services needed

Results for people



Low HIV testing uptake

– –
HIV treatment needed
6.8 million people eligible and waiting for treatment

50% of people living with HIV do not know their HIV status



At a glance
A look at the number of people living with HIV in the world, 2011 Source: UNAIDS 2012 Global Report

Number of AIDS-related deaths

1.7 million Global overview 34 million
± 50% know their HIV status

New HIV infections

2.5 million

People eligible for HIV treatment

14.8 million
People on HIV treatment

8 million


UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report 2012

Regional overview
ASIA 4.8 mIllIoN eASteRN eURope 1.4 mIllIoN LAtIN AMeRICA 1.4 mIllIoN NoRtH AMeRICA, WeSteRN AND CeNtRAL eURope 2.3 mIllIoN oCeANIA 53 000

China 780 000 Thailand 490 000 Brazil 490 000

United States of America 1.3 million

Indonesia 380 000

SUb-SAHARAN AFRICA 23.5 mIllIoN South Africa 5.6 million United Republic of Tanzania 1.6 million

Uganda 1.4 million...
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