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Write how you will demonstrate the listed listening and note-taking skills for future employers.

1.Finding meaning and interest in new information and projects Attentive listening and note taking are the essential tools in a workplace for receiving new information and do projects assigned. 2.Showing interest and being prepared

Ways to show interest and be prepare for work include: Stay attentive which involves being quiet, stay focused and show empathy, respect and genuine interest. 3.Listening attentively
To listen attentively we can use the following strategies: Be willing to listen- be open to new ideas-position yourself to listen-reduce distractions- show you are listening. 4.Observing and asking questions

Observe the speaker, watch for verbal and nonverbal clues about what information is important. Predict and asked questions to ourselves, What are the main points?. 5.Acquiring information
Recording notes, supplement your lecture notes with illustrations, or diagrams. Highlight the important facts in you notes.
6.Thinking through issues
Listen effectively; take notes to develop better skill and abilities to do a problem solving for issues. 7.Organizing information and taking good notes
Making an outline to organize ideas and illustrate major points and supporting details. Some of the systems to organize notes are The Cornell system. 8.Staying alert and in the present
To stay alert Avoid being mentally preoccupied, it is up to you to be focus and attentive. Concentrate on the subject and keep your mind back to the present. 9.Being willing to test new strategies and learn new methods I will not only use my preferred learning style, I will also integrate all styles learned. I will use taking note active and physical. Draw illustrations, use outlines, supplement notes and handouts, create models and summarize out loud. 10.Practicing...
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