Worksheet: Naming of Parts

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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“Naming of parts” worksheet
1. What is the ‘naming of parts’ that the title of the poem refers to?

The naming of parts refers to the rifle lesson in the poem, with the soldiers being taught about the parts of the rifle. 2. The first stanza identifies the timeframe of this poem. Explain why ‘yesterday’, ‘today’ and

‘tomorrow’ might be significant. This talks about the past, present and future, which is why it is significant. 3. Explain the simile that compares Japonica to coral (lines 4-5).

Japonica is a pink flower that blossoms in bunches on trees in the spring. The poem compares the colour of the japonica to coral, and how it glows and shines. It talks about the beauty of the flowers, and compares it to that of the coral. 4. In which lines is the title line repeated? What is the effect of this repetition?

The line is repeated four times in the whole poem, three times in the first stanza and once in the last. The effect of the repetition is that it ties the poem together, and it puts emphasis on the title. 5. Who do you think is speaking in this poem and who do you think is being addressed? Give

reasons for your answer. I think that the speaker in this poem is a soldier that has just been recruited, and is being taught about how to use his rifle. In my opinion, the poem is addressing the soldier himself, or maybe the world, and people in war. 6. In the second stanza, what is meant by the metaphor concerning the branches, and what is

meant by the description of them as making ‘silent, eloquent gestures’? I think that Reed is describing the simple beauty of nature, and perhaps how the branches can be compared to human limbs, with gestures that are elegant and expressive. 7. Why do you think the poet has drawn attention to the piling swivel, “Which in our case we

have not got” (line 12)? I presume that Reed has drawn attention to the piling swivel to show that the soldiers are in training, and have not yet received their own rifles, and therefore do not...
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