Works of Art: Baroque, Pop Art ,and Abstract Expressionism

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  • Published : September 30, 2008
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Works of Art: Baroque, Pop art and Abstract expressionism

Work of art is a product of fine arts that includes the painting and sculptures. It is a wide range of human activities that includes music, literature etc. The three works of art that are from same style are Baroque, Pop Art, and Abstract Expressionist. Description of the works including the style:

In general, the term Baroque was derived from the Portuguese word which means “a pearl that has irregular and unpredictable shape”. It was used to imply the deviation, peculiarity and lavishness of any painting. Around 1600, Baroque art was emerged in Europe. It was a response against the mannerist style that dominated the regeneration. Baroque Art was replaced in the 18th century by a more graceful and complicated rococo style (Art History: Baroque: (1600 - 1750), 2006). Baroque Style added action and drama to the art and was characterized by strong contrasts in the value and bold enhancement. Pop art emerged in the middle of 1950’s in both Britain as well as in United states as a visual art movement. The images that are used in Pop art by the artists are: irony, mixture of humor, and appreciation (Art History: Pop Art: (1958 - 1975), 2006). A visual art movement in Pop art utilizes the techniques of consumerism and popular culture. Pop art helps to minimize the gap between the high art and the low art. It also eliminates the difference between fine art and profitable art methods (Art History: Pop Art: (1958 - 1975), 2006). Pop art was basically a response to abstract expressionism. Abstract Expressionism is a contemporary art movement that flourished America after the Second World War and detained influenced until the rise of Pop Art in the 1960’s (Art History: Abstract Expressionism:(1940 - 1955), 2006). The first American school to influence artists over seas was Abstract Expressionism. The paintings of abstract expressionist consist of shapes, lines, and forms, that are meant to create a...
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