Workplace Violence

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines workplace violence as any physical assault, threatening behavior or verbal abuse occurring in the workplace. Violence includes overt and covert behaviors ranging in aggressiveness from verbal harassment to murder. (NIOSH 1996) •Why workplace violence

Workplace violence has many sources. To better understand its causes and possible solutions, researchers have divided workplace violence into four categories. Most incidents fall into one of these categories: Criminal Intent (Type I): The perpetrator has no legitimate relationship to the business or its employees, and is usually committing a crime in conjunction with the violence. These crimes can include robbery, shoplifting, and trespassing. The vast majority of workplace homicides (85%) fall into this category. Customer/Client (Type II): The perpetrator has a legitimate relationship with the business and becomes violent while being served by the business. This category includes customers, clients, patients, students, inmates, and any other group for which the business provides services Worker-on-Worker (Type III): The perpetrator is an employee or past employee of the business who attacks or threatens another employee(s) or past employee(s) in the workplace. Personal Relationship (Type IV): The perpetrator usually does not have a relationship with the business but has a personal relationship with the intended victim. Our case in type III, violence occurs when an employee assaults or attacks his or her co-workers. In some cases, these incidents can take place after a series of increasingly hostile behaviors from the perpetrator. The motivating factor is often one or a series of interpersonal or work-related disputes. •Recommendations to solve workplace violence

1.Create and disseminate a clear policy of zero tolerance for workplace violence, verbal and nonverbal threats and related actions. Ensure that managers,...
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