Workplace Negativity

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QUESTIONNAIRE – Measuring Causes of Attrition

1.This questionnaire is required to be filled only by the employees of the BPO/ITES industry. Please express your opinion without hesitation. Details provided by you will be kept confidential. 2.If you are using soft copy of this questionnaire, fill the answers in any color other than black. 3.If you are using hard copy, please use any color pen, but not pencil.

1.For how many years have you been working in this industry

0-6 months 6months -1 year 1 - 2 years  2-3 years  3+ 

2.For how many years you have been with the current organization

0-6 months 6months -1 year 1 - 2 years  2-3 years  3+ 

3.Which industry you were in your previous employment

BPO IT/ITES Retail Education Other _________

4.You left the previous organization because of:

Stress / Workload Low compensationNight shifts Lack of job securityunfair appraisals this being dream orgn  Other reasons ______________

5.What influenced you most to join the current organization

Work culturecareer development
Flexi timingsbetter salaries
No hire-fire policy job enrichment

6.Working in this company for you is…
Job career way to make moneycant say


7.How do you rate your satisfaction levels with the current company Highly satisfied -- -- -- -- -- Highly dissatisfied

8.How would you rank the benefits in your current organization in comparison to the previous employer or among the competitors: a.Work Environment
b.Monetary benefits
e.Greater autonomy
f.Training and development
g.Technology up gradation
h.Rewards and incentives
i.Work timings.
j.Other benefits like group insurance

9.How do you rate your workload levels with the current company Quite low -- -- -- -- -- Highly excessive

10.How would rate the management’s ability to lead the company forward successfully Very poor-- -- -- -- -- Excellent

11.What is the main reason of your anxiety about the future(if any) a.Job security
b.Income levels
c.Retirement security
d.Job enlargement
e.Any other-------------------

12.How would you rate your work content
Very boring and repetitive-- -- -- -- -- -- Very intresting and challenging

13.Rate your pay levels according to your contribution and performance
Highly underpaid-- -- -- -- --Highly overpaid.

14.Rate the recognition that you receive according to your levels of contribution and efforts.
Extremely unrecognized-- -- -- -- --Extremely recognized

13.What are the factors you feel helped you to get this job?

QualificationCommunication skillsExperience
Technical/mgt skills

14.How do you find the training provided by your superiors? GoodAverage Bad

15.Are you satisfied with the working conditions prevailing in your company? YesNo

16.Are you satisfied with your Current CTC?

17.Does Performance Appraisal always lead to the hike in your salary? YesNoCant say

18.Are you satisfied with the ……………………………….(Tick the most appropriate option)

a. Performance Appraisal system Highly satisfied -- -- -- -- -- Highly dissatisfied

b. Reward and incentive system Highly satisfied -- -- -- -- -- Highly dissatisfied

c. Career planning / Growth pathHighly satisfied -- -- -- -- -- Highly dissatisfied

Part – III

19.Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

Working with same organization at higher level
Working with same industry but different orgn l
Planning to change the industry
Can’t say

20.What kind of retention practices are adopted in general for employees of all levels. Bonus short leaves / vacation...
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