Workplace Motivational Processes

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  • Published: August 27, 2005
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Workplace Motivational Processes 1

Motivational Processes
In a Modern-Day Workplace

Management 331
Organizational Behavior
Jimmie Morgan
Team Paper - June 19, 2002

Prepare a 1750-2450 word paper analyzing the organization of one of your team members and the motivation processes as identified in one of the following theories: a)Maslow
d)Acquired needs
Show how your selected organization applies the motivation theories to workplace productivity. Is it achieving the desired results?
Workplace Motivational Processes 2
Motivational Processes
In a Modern-Day Workplace
Frederick Herzberg developed what is known as the motivator-hygiene theory or, more commonly, the two-factor theory, "which portrays different factors as primary causes of job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction." (Schemerhorn et al, p 113) According to the theory, factors that relate more to the environment than to the work itself are known as hygiene factors. These include things such as organizational policies, quality of supervision, working conditions, base wage or salary, relationships with peers, status and security. Herzberg stipulates that hygiene factors are things that affect job dissatisfaction, but will not impact job satisfaction, which he views as a separate dimension. His theory states that, in order to improve job satisfaction, companies need to focus on motivator factors, which include achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, growth, and the work itself. Many successful modern-day businesses take a very balanced approach to the motivation of their employees, recognizing that although job satisfaction may be affected more by the motivator factors of the theory, keeping employees from being can be avoided by addressing the hygiene issues. Citigroup, the world's largest financial services institution, takes the balanced approach to complete job satisfaction. The corporation's belief is that...
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