Workplace Motivation Paper

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  • Published : February 2, 2011
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Workplace Motivation

Dixie Woodard


December 22, 2010
Mia Boozer

Workplace Motivation

The theory of motivation in the workplace is defined as empowering others to perform tasks they would not normally perform. Considering there is a multitude of ideas, theories, and methods promoted by experts in the area of employee motivation, choosing the correct method is daunting. The goal is to select one or combine methods that will motivate employees to excel in the workplace and attempt to increase employees’ personal satisfaction. The challenge in all organizations is to create a perfect balance between employee motivation and how to implement and sustain the program. Positive reinforcement has proven to be one method easily applied in the workplace and is conducive to higher productivity and profitability. However, diligence by the management staff must be required to create and maintain the motivation level of employees. The motivation level of the dispatch department at Prime Satellite had been an issue of contention with the management for many years. The turnover in that particular department exceeded any other department in the company. Admittedly the job was a stressful and frustrating position. These employees were also the least paid per hour than other employees at the company therefore, the massive turnover problem. I had been employed as the technical customer service manager for six years at this time. My department and the dispatch department worked closely to maintain a high-level of customer service. Observing the constant stream of new employees in the department and low morale, I suggested changes to the owner. The owner asked me to become the dispatch manager to correct the situation. The first change was in the recruiting and hiring process. The previous candidates for the position had not been selected on a specific skill set because the job duties were undefined. The job required a person who could...
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