Workplace Motivation and Productivity

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  • Published : January 28, 2007
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Workplace Motivation and Productivity
Management today, tends to be obsessed with employee motivation toward increased motivation and productivity. Companies have adopted numerous motivation philosophies over the last few decades, and many find the same productivity issues exist post-implementation. Psychologists have discovered that productivity in the workplace can be affected positively or negatively with the utilization of various motivational theories available today, dependent on how they are introduced. This paper will analyze workplace motivation and productivity within Ontario Power Generation (OPG), and discusses the impact of two motivation theories, the self-actualization theory, and achievement motivation, on employees and managers within the workplace. Motivation and Productivity at OPG

Ontario Power Generation has its fair share of employee motivation and productivity concerns. The company has made many glorious attempts to improve productivity, including re-organizational efforts, the implementation of extrinsic monetary rewards, and job redesign. The problems remain intact. They tried a recognition program and wellness programs in attempt to engage staff and coerce them towards increased production. Of course, when there is a culture of distrust and disrespect progress is not an easy task. Any effort that management made to implement change seemed to trigger employee resistance and reduce productivity.

Employees are not resisting change, they truly want positive change, they yearn for change, growth, and a brighter outlook. What they are resisting is being forced to change. If employees do not understand the reasons for change, if they are not involved in the change and identify potential improvements to their own lives, and if they fail to realize that company success is dependent on its sustainability, they tend to resist the change efforts and failure occurs. There are many reasons for this failure, but the key problem is the current...
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