Workplace Learning

Topics: Generation Y, Generation X, Learning styles Pages: 14 (4557 words) Published: April 8, 2013

1.0 Background of the Study

The business world is growing up vastly in today world, the organization need the employees who are effective and efficient in working to achieve the goal. The generation of employees who enroll in the workplace is significant that a manager has to be considered strictly in organization. There are various generations who working in organization nowadays it depends on age that has been distinguished. The generations of employees have difference values and preferences to the organization, for instance, preference on learning, teaching and performing. These lead the employees have distinction of characteristics and personality. Hence, when the generational differences exist, so it will impact to the employee attitudes and outcomes in the workplace .It causes that lead the number of turnover high and also increase the amount of employee dissatisfaction to the organization. This is manager’s responsibility to explore the behavior of employee in the workplace such as observe how they prefer to learn in working and divided the styles of learning depends on age. Learning in general is understood of capacity a permanent change in people (Illeris, 2003). This means that learns and understands people behavior. Some researcher also defined learning as formal of the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skills. In contrast, according to Illeris, he has given the word of memory which can define “the capacity of storing, retrieving, and acting on that knowledge”. Learning is a method that helps people move from beginner to experts and give them to gain more new knowledge and abilities (Lasswell HD). Furthermore, workplace learning is a key that display the impact of changes in demographics, skills demands, technologies, and people’s relationships and roles within various institutions and communities (Karen Vaughan). Learning can be performing in terms of formal learning and informal learning it depends on the kind of knowledge that the employees want to obtain from it. Moreover, different gender and different age of employees also have the way of learning in workplace contrast each person. This this research proposal two generation of workers will be described, generational differences and similarities and will be compared their preference of learning in workplace in Malaysia. 1.1Objectives of the Study

A Gen X and Gen Y represent two distinct categories of people who are born in two different times. As a result, the circumstances in which they grew up are very different which has some influence in their learning preferences. What distinguishes the two generations is the way technology influenced their day to day lives. This study looks at the generation plays important effect in the organizations, which each generation have their own distinct characteristics resulting from their work leaning style demanded in workplace. So in order to investigate and to obtain result of both generation workplace learning preferences, thus, this study is conducted to: 1. Identify the sensory, social and cognitive components of learning styles. 2. Recognize the dominant characteristics of an individual’s learning style of Gen Xers and Gen Yers. 3. Describe strategies for adapting to different learning styles. 4. Identify the most critical generational influences for, Gen Xers and Gen Yers. 5. Identify potential workplace preferred learning for Gen Xers and Yers.

1.2Research Question
This study investigates about the learning style approaches that preferred by both generations in workplace, which, if clearly identified the preferences by both generation, would give good info to the organization derive that into their training sector. In construct to its identified objectives, the study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are the best practice examples of workplace learning and what is it that makes them best practice? 2. What connections...
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