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Topics: Hospital, Patient, Medicine Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: July 11, 2011
2) What problems have you identified during your clinical experiences that could be considered issues to be addressed using CQI?
One of the biggest problems I’ve seen during my clinical experiences is carelessness with medications. The majority of nurses that I’ve encountered during clinical do not bother checking the patient’s I.D. band or allergies when administering medications. I’ve also seen many nurses who check the medication against the MAR only once before giving the medication. Another medication issue I’ve observed is nurses leaving medications unattended. There have been several times where I've seen medications left on the nursing station counter or even in patients’ rooms. Any of these actions could result in serious medication errors and significant harm to the patient.

Infection control is another problem that I’ve observed during my time in clinical. There have been many times where I saw a nurse enter the room of a patient on contact precautions and put on gloves but no gown, or vice versa. Some of the nurses go into the rooms to “check something real quick” but then end up accidentally touching something. This is a huge problem as the nurse could have come in contact with a contaminated surface, and then spread it to other patients, staff, or visitors at the hospital. This is also an issue of concern because I believe that nurses should always be mindful and setting an example for the patient’s visitors. If a family member sees that a nurse does not don the proper protective wear when entering the room, he or she may think that it’s unnecessary and not bother to do so, either.
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