Workplace Feminism

Topics: Full-time, Woman, Part-time Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Logan Rogers
ENG 102

Childless Women; Victims At Their Jobs?
In today’s economy there are many women beginning to enter the workforce; mothers and childless women both. However, are childless women victimized in the workplace? Often times working mothers have to work half days or leave the workplace suddenly to go care for their children. Childless women tend to feel that working mothers are given priority to requested time off. The result of these aspects are childless women feeling that they have to take on more hours, denied personal and vacation time, resented by working mothers, and not offered special benefits that working mothers receive. When one commits to a full time job, he or she only plans to be working an average of forty hours per week. However, that is not always the case with childless women in the workplace. Studies show that childless women are working more hours on average than working mothers. They feel that extra work is often put on their shoulders, a consequence of working mothers having to leave the workplace due to time conflicts with their children. A situation where this is a problem is when working on a group project. Every member of the team is given their own responsibilities and if a working mother has to leave because of her child, the rest of the team is burdened with her tasks. Kristen Bossert, a graphic designer who is sick of feeling like a second-class employee, states, “I’m the one who always gets stuck at work,” she says, “If you have no kids, you have no excuses.” (Backaitis) Many childless women feel that workplaces are less strict on working mothers because they have to balance between work and family. In an article by Wendy Williams, she presents statistics that show females without children work an average of more hours per week: “As can be seen, for each child a female professor has, she works slightly less at her academic job each week. A female professor with 3 children works…2.5 hours less than her childless...
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