Workplace Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Employment Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper
A few years ago a workplace dilemma that I was faced with was when I was working at a bank and I observed a teller taking money from her teller drawer. One morning as we were getting ready for the workday I was shocked when I saw the teller take money from her drawer. At first I was hoping that I was wrong. All day this bothered me because I could not imagine this teller doing anything like this. All through the day we are responsible for making sure our teller drawers are in balance. Well I knew if this teller had taken money from the drawer her drawer should be out of balance. I started trying to observe to see if I could figure out what was going on. One afternoon my supervisor entered the office and wanted to each teller to audit another teller’s drawer I was anxious to know if my co-worker’s drawer was out of balance. I was assigned to audit another teller’s drawer well when the other teller’s drawer was being audited the drawer was $100 short. The supervisor decided to count the drawer and she discovered the drawer was a $100 short as well. Well the first offense for being out of balance is a write-up in our file the teller told the supervisor that she might have given a customer $100 too much. This bothered me because my conscience was telling me that the teller took the money. Since I was not able to prove it I did not want to report it to the supervisor. Every day before we went to lunch we were responsible for making sure our drawers were in balance. Before lunch the same teller said she was out of balance $25 dollars which really made me suspicious. I went to lunch and wondered if I should talk to the supervisor about the situation. I do know that people are capable of making mistakes but I took my job serious when dealing with large amounts of cash. As I was coming back from lunch I walked in and overheard the teller on her cell phone telling her boyfriend that he could come by and pick up the money and she would...
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