Workplace Diversity

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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Lockwood, N.R. (2005). Workplace Diversity: Leveraging the Power of Difference for Competitive Advantage. HRMagazine, 50(6),1. Retrived from EBSCO host

This article is an example of how broad diversity within companies has become in current years. The broad definition of diversity includes an employee’s personality and work style to the visible dimensions, to secondary dimensions, to work diversities (Lockwood, 2005). The concept of workplace diversity is changing from compliance to inclusion (Lockwood, 2005). This article incorporates more modern forms of diversity instead of relying solely on the basic definition of diversity that has been used for years. The concept of inclusion has become more important when talking about workplace diversity, it generates opportunities for growth, flexibility, and adaptation for both parties the employee, and the organization (Lockwood, 2005). Per the article the advantages that tie workplace diversity to organizational strategic goals can be summed up in six key reasons: 1. Greater adaptability and flexibility in a rapidly changing marketplace 2. Attracting and retaining the best talent

3. Reducing costs associated with turnover, absenteeism, and low productivity 4. Return on investment from various initiatives, policies and practices 5. Gaining and keeping greater/new market share with an expanded diverse customer base 6. Increased sales and profits

All six key reasons can be directly and indirectly linked to an organizations bottom line (Lockwood, 2005). The opinions in this article I agree with because diversity in the workplace is a very broad subject. It includes many more areas than what was originally considered as diversity which was based on visual dimensions. Supervisors can use this information regarding diversity in the workplace to not only respect and value the individuality of the employees but also understand how to tap the potentially significant contributions related to...
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