Workplace Bullying

Topics: Nursing, Abuse, Bullying Pages: 4 (1070 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Workplace Bullying
Debra Rose Morell
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 504 Leadership and Nursing Practice: Role Development
Professor Sabita Persaud

Leaders will be faced with the silent epidemic know as “Workplace Bullying.” Bullying is causing increased costs to the facilities and employee turnovers. “Although we need tougher penalties, it is more important that we change workplace culture to ensure bullying does not happen in the first place.” (2012) If a nurse works in a right to work state, such as Florida, it is not considered a crime to bully an employee. As quantum leaders we must ask ourselves what steps we are going to take to eliminate bullying in our workplace. Stragies

“Workplace bullying is a form of non-physical violence that takes place, both vertically and

horizontally, in the workplace.” (2012) The article by Carol Wells, Workplace Bullying, Nurses

and Employment Laws says that 1 in 6 employees will experience workplace bullying. Every

organization needs to take responsibility for threatening and intimidating behaviors. Leaders need to put into effect programs of prevention and a management approach against workplace bullying. Working vertically and horizontally, quantum leadership needs to promote a culture of consideration, setting examples or harmony and collaboration for their staff. Leaders need to establish some type of survey system allowing nurses the ability to voice their opinions and report workplace bullying. “Taking the perspective that bullying is a safety issue, in 2008, the Joint Commissions issued a standard on intimidating and disruptive behaviors at work, citing concerns about increased medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, adverse outcomes, higher costs, and loss of qualified staff.” (2010) Workplace bullying causing intimidation and disruptive behaviors exhibits unprofessional behavior and should have “zero tolerance.” The Joint Commission’s guidelines took into...
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