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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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Muscular and Flexibility Workout Log
As part of the 360 minutes of physical activity for the Muscular and Flexibility Workout log, you must document at least three stretching workouts and three muscular workouts. You will find instructions for these exercises as you proceed through the lessons in this topic. Please save this document to your computer. (You will need to add the necessary rows to the tables below until you have a total of 360 minutes of physical activity.) Student Name:

You can improve your flexibility and muscular fitness levels by performing regular stretching and muscular training activities. Consider areas you would like to improve and define a measurable goal relating to flexibility and a separate goal relating to muscular fitness. Flexibility Goal:  I aspire to _____Do a backbend___________________________ no later than ______3/10/2012______. I believe that completing this goal will help me to improve when I _____am practicing my flips for my class______. Muscular Goal:  I aspire to _________do situps_____no later than _______march, 15 2012_____.  I believe that completing this goal will help me to improve when I ___________move quickly or have to get up quickly also it helps with abs._____________.(worth 10 points) Date| Warm-Up| Physical Activity| Intensity (Light, Medium, or High)| Cool-Down| Minutes| 3/1/2012| Side Bend| Ballet| Medium| stretches| 50|

 3/2/2012 |  Jumping | Ballet | High | Cool down | 45 |  3/3/2012|  Sit-ups| Dance hip hop|  high|  Slower pace|  50|  3/4/2012|  pushups| Hip hop dance|  High|  Side bends|  60|   3/5/2012 |  Jogging|  Running |   High|  squats| 60| 3/6/2012 walking Jogging Medium stretches 60

You will find stretching instructions in Muscular and Flexibility Lesson Three: Training. Please perform and log all 8 flexibility exercises at least 3-4...
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