Working Women the Pros and Cons

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 3 (1283 words) Published: June 3, 2011
Stereotypes and histrionics do not last for long. With changing times, even Gender Stereotypes and Gender Based Histrionics are being forced to undergo a change. For centuries together, man has been the breadwinner of the family, sweating it out in the sun, dealing with unknown people and risking his life at times while the woman used to take care of the family and dealing mostly with known people in a closed and safe environment. Slowly the woman started moving out and started to work, however, the primary financial responsibility lay on the man and it was considered highly demeaning for the man if the woman earned money and the man had to depend on her. Poor woman was viewed as victim, being forced to work by the non-working man. Such an ideology simply did not allow the man to be non-working lest his life was made hell sans dignity. However, the converse has not been always true. When, on one hand, the man was always forced to work and earn money, the woman has never really been forced to look after the house. Whatever women did, they did it out of their own volition and if any woman did not take care of the family it was considered as a torture on the woman to force her to do household work. Even draconian, gender-obsessed and lopsided laws were drafted and passed to protect such women whose growing misuse is no longer a fiction story. Slowly the concept of a woman working gained prominence, although the primary financial responsibility wrested with the man. With the concept of WORKING WOMAN gaining prominence, the insecurities of the conservatives and the hopes of liberals (who were actually conservatives’ turned dissidents) flared up laying the foundations of a cultural war which later ensued into a gender war. However, now I will come back to the advantages of having a working woman. A working woman is always advantageous, which men do not realize. But before talking of the advantages, I would like to clarify that when the woman works, the primary...
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