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Bangladesh is a country with evenly distributed male and female population. From the very beginning of its journey as an independent country it has been cherishing of harmonized growth of both male and female population. But it is far behind in materializing the envisaged goals for male population even, let alone for female population although history provides that our women played no less a role than the males in the junctures of the nation including achievement of independence. Till date their immense and outstanding contributions in the areas of family care, birth control, infant care and nutrition and even in generating income have been proved indispensable.


There is always at least an objective behind any word, which drives a person towards to work. As per natural rule we also had some objectives for completing this report. Our objective is: 1To find who are the working women.

2To find out the problems they are facing.
3To find out why they facing these problems.
4To find out the solutions of their problems.

3.Overview the Issue:

Women have been active in a sporadic fashion in Bangladesh’s history. They have acted as enlightened individuals, speaking out against excess- vie aspects of women’s subordination. One example is Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain whose essays and short stories caricatured the practice of purdah in the early twentieth century. Women have participated in different political struggles, although related issues were generally subordinated or completely absent from the agenda. Women were prominent for instance in the Tebagha Movement (1940s) in East Bengal

which sought to retain a greater share of the harvest for the tenant farmer and in guerilla action against the British colonial administration. Women have also been involved in single-issue campaigns concerned. With women’s rights they fought the attempts by the provincial.

4.Women Work Position:

Now-a-days there are not a single work where women are not involved. In every section of work women have prove themselves. But those are not a huge number. In our country most of the women are working in garments sector especially in Dhaka city. It is increasing day by day. Because in this occupation they don’t need to be educated. Another important occupation for women for women is the nursing. It is an important work for women in our country. There are also many works like doctor, engineer, CA, banking, police, advocate, defenses, administration, pilot, airhostess, teacher, in agriculture, social welfare etc. In politics women have also participation. In every part of occupation women are now working. Problem is that the participation is not that much as men. Employment position alters with the increased inputs of information intensive work even in traditional manufacturing. In the clothing industry, for example, computer-aided designing and cutting methods give rise to labor processes that are a kin to those in the services sector. The use of information-intensive methods of production demands computer-literacy and some knowledge of programming. Access to relevant training in a given type of employment, in this situation, gives women and men skills that are transferable between industries and sectors. In the service industries, the use of computers has been generally women friendly, the QWERTY of the computers allows women to use the typist’s skills in many jobs in the services sector. In the banking, insurance, and telecommunications industries, the rate of entry of women has been impressive in both the rich and poorer parts of the world, despite the current quantitative gains;

however, women’s career progression in these new fields has been less spectacular: their presence in managerial and technical posts has been minimal. Women’s numerical predominance is visible also in the Information Technology (IT) industry. In certain occupations, such as in software, companies are keen to...
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