Working with the Poor

Topics: Poverty, Need, Africa Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: February 11, 2013

As a Social Work student, I have been exposed to different faces of poverty especially during this school year. These exposures have taught me a lot of life lessons and helped me grow as a person. One of the realizations I had with these exposures is how poverty differently shaped the lives of the poor. Thus, I had different views of poverty. If you dig deeper into the causes of illegal activities, one of these is poverty. Once, I had given an opportunity to interview a woman who sells her own flesh. She is twenty four years old and a solo parent of two children and with no other people to support them. Of course, her children have no idea about her job. According to her, she could not find other job because no one will hire someone like her who can’t even read and write. With the kind of job that she has, she doesn’t need to read and write and she earns income easily. She’ll do everything just to sustain the needs of her children. I too, am a mother of two. From this woman, I have learned not to take for granted the people who are always there to support me and my children. Rich or poor, a parent will do everything for her/his children. Fortunately, I do not have to be in a job like hers to provide food on our table. In contrary, I had also viewed poverty as an instrument of the poor to self-actualize. I am able to deal with people that are well off and people that are coming from poor families. I realize how most of the latter gives importance to education, how poverty matured their choices and how they give importance to everything they have – little amount of money, time and opportunities. On the other hand, my well-off friends have spent their money for their wants instead of needs and how they spent their energy and time to unimportant activities. The bottom line is, I have learned more from these poor people and made me realize to value everything I have and to be wiser in spending my time, energy and money.

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