Working with the Media Report

Topics: Management, Business, Customer service Pages: 11 (3436 words) Published: March 11, 2013
GENERAL OFFICE ASSISTANT/Marketing assistant and Junior personal Assistant Placement Report Breccia Investment LTD.

This is an in-depth report on my summer 2011 placement.

Jayne Ombayo Laura Akinyi
Nottingham Trent University

Contents Page
1. Acknowledgements 2

2. Introduction 3
* History of firm 3
* My Role and Job description within the Firm 4
* Work Schedule and Timeline of Events 5

3. Main Body 8
* Academic and Personal Learning 8
* Career management 9
* Work Culture 10
* People Skills 11
* Organisational awareness and skills 12 * Personal impact 12

4. Conclusion and Evaluation 13
5. Appendices 4
* Appendix 1 4
* Appendix 2 4
* Appendix 3 5
* Appendix 4 14

6. Bibliography 16

I would like to thank all team members and all departments of Breccia Investment LTD, especially Lillian and Alice for being kind and accepting to me. By giving me this opportunity I was not only able to show my skills within the work place but also discover my fondness to the business and managerial sector. I have profound admiration to the marketing team and especially the C.E.O for having the patience to mentor me into becoming what I am today. A lot of gratitude and appreciation is acknowledged here. Thank you

Jayne Ombayo

During summer 2011, I had to partake in a minimum of 24 hour placement that the ‘’Working with the Media’’ module at the university required. It was such a wonderful experience for me to discover what underlying skills I had. I was fortunate enough to travel back to my home country, Kenya, and get a placement job at a firm called Breccia Investments LTD. The firm is located in Africa, more specifically East Africa and deals with the selling of raw materials, specifically animal feeds such as Rice germ, Omena, Sunflower, Cotton cake, pig finisher and chicken layers. Within the firm there are different sectors. In particular I worked closely with the marketing team and the C.E.O.

History of Firm
Breccia Investment LTD. Is a firm based in Nairobi, Kenya and is owned by a Sole Trader. The C.E.O, Ms. Lillian Musau has brought up the business from the ground up making it what is a well known firm in its class of businesses. The firm was started in 1998 and continues to expand and grow. Breccia’s family consists of a marketing team, IT team and Finance team, through which they all intertwine and keep the business going. Although it is not an international company, Breccia is a nationwide firm that deals with the sale of animal feeds to buyers from different regions in the country. Ms. Lillian Musau decided to go into this business because Kenya thrives on agricultural products and animal feeds seemed to be a great way to excel and make some profit.

Job description within the Firm
Appendix 1
| Assisting in travel arrangements including costs, accommodation, food etc. , occasionally travelling to destination| | Fielding Calls|
| Organising Diaries|
| Typing Minutes|
| Delegation of work to others in absence of C.E.O/Manager| | Deputise in absence of C.E.O/Manager|
| Taking minutes during meetings|
| |
Appendix 2|
| Attending meetings|
| Assist in invoicing|
| Photocopying and printing documents for official use|
| Assist in recruitment and training of junior staff|
| Attend to C.E.O|
| Assist marketing team|
| Provide input where required in meetings|

Work Schedule
Appendix 3
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