Working with Terminally Ill Patients

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Working with Terminally Ill Patients

When we pass on, into the later life we often think that our dying wishes would be our last words. However, that is not always true. While reading an article titled “Psychopharmacological Agents for the Terminally Ill and Bereaved.” Written by Goldberg, Ivan K.; Malitz, Sidney; Kutscher, Austin H. The above-mentioned article states that the last wishes that a human being cares for are not always followed. While reading this article, the theory used, is the person-centered theory. Meaning that this is more of a personal issue. That one needs to handle through time. While reading the text, Counseling and psychotherapy, 4/e, 2003, the books states that “the best way to achieve the clients trust, is to be there, not doing it for the patient.” Meaning that the clinician is there as a backbone, while the patient vents how they feel. Both the patient and the clinician will find ways to heal ease the pain of loosing a loved one.

The person-centered therapy seems to be the best way to help a patient while dealing with this type of lost. As a therapist, we need to sit back and listen, to the patient, and be there for them. As counselors, we need to be ready to give support and helpful tips while the patient is coping with many different stress levels. In reading this article by Goldberg, I see that he does not directly give out set advice, I seen that he gives suggestions. While researching this method farther, I read that it is best for a therapist to listen, and then offer suggestions on ways of reliving built up stress. A therapist cannot say “Go out and play Tennis, it greatly reduces stress” However, a therapist can say, Do you play any out door activities? If so have you noticed if your stress levels go up or down?” This method, seems to be very helpful.

If I were terminally ill, I would like my therapist to be there as a “Pole” so to speak. I would like them there to listen, and to give me suggestions on my life....
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