Working with Leading People

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London Organising Committee of Olympic games is a leading topic in UK. It is known for growing the needs and demands of the people for developing the country and reaching the heights all over the world and the most thing getting out of Recession is the major problem in all over country by this Olympic most of the things after this game going to change for the betterment of the country.

LOGOC is the small organization committed to recruiting the most diverse and inclusive team possible for the progress of the country and games held In 2012 requires a variety of tasks that needs thorough analysis and application. This report lays out the tasks needed to be completed.


Recruitment is the process of attracting finding capable applicants for employing and staffing them according to their qualification and experience to the company where availability or at the post where vacancy is available. Organisation needs candidates to apply for the post at which they are expert and can put all information in application forms for the post have arrived at the organisation. ( It is composed of several stages. First step is job analysis, the stage where the jobs or posts needed to be clearly understand by the candidate for which job he/she is applying for. These include the title of the job, accountability of the employee, a simple description of the role and duties of the employee in the organization etc. Than is job descriptions, person specifications

** Subordinates:
* Team Leaders for each Managers
* Assistants
* Support Staff

In LOGOC, there are a lot of posts that are needed to be filled in, from top management to subordinate staffs. First thing to consider is the scale of company. These means large numbers of people are to be recruited for working and maintaining the flexibility of the game. Lists of people that will be needed are: ** Management:

* Event Manager
* Venue operation manager
* Technical operator
* Ticketing controller
* Account Manager
* Catering
* Uniform Co-ordinator
* Stock control
* NOC/NPC Accommodation Team Leader
* Press Officer
* Security
* Customer Service
After knowing the requirements of candidates than next step is drawing up of job descriptions of each these posts. Job description is the document that gives information about the job, where it fits in the structure of the organisation, the main description and responsibilities and tasks that are to be performed. ( an example of a job description is shown below, which have given out all the duties and summary of the job availability. Due to giving all the detail of the job reduces the work of employee who is going to take an interview and also for the person who is going to apply for the position to know the availability and requirement of the firm, and also used in future to over go on terms and conditions or deal which is confirmed for.

Next step is writing person specifications, means a kind of person suitable for the job is being searched who is eligible with all the qualifications, skills and experience etc. Organization is looking forward for a reliable, trust worthy and responsibility handling kind of a person who deals with all kind of situation by this personal specification is given so that right person enter for an interview without wasting both time. An example of a person specification for a Technical Delivery Manager – Telecoms post is shown next page.

Person specification
Key knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications required: *...
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