Working with Children from Birth to Age 5 Years

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Working with children from birth to age 5 years
5 of the main points to be considered when planning a safe and reassuring child care environment are: * Making sure it is hygienic and clean, you can do this by sterilizing everything at the end of the day. * Small furniture for children so are able to sit on chairs and get off them too. * Make sure doors and gates are closed so the children do not run off. * Visitors to sign in, this is needed because you can make sure there are no strangers in the building which will be unsafe for staff as well as children. * CRB checks are needed to see if people who would like to work with children do not have any criminal records. D2: Two physical needs of children from birth up to 5 years are: food and water and sleep and rest which would keep you alive. Food gives children energy as well as keeping them alive and water helps prevent dehydration. Sleep and rest helps them grow. Two health needs of children from birth up to 5 years are: protection from injury and abuse: child protection and stimulation for example, play and social interaction they are things that would keep you healthy. Also protection from infections for example immunisations and check if they child has head lice or fleas so they cannot spread it to another child.

D3: Two ways to meet the individual needs of babies’ ages 0–1 year are: when a parent tells you their baby aged 3 months only can have formula milk which means the setting will need to make sure they know how to make this sort of milk for the particular baby, but the parent has to provide with the formula. Another way to meet the individual needs of babies’ ages 0-1 year can be medication. A child may be on medication for a certain illness and it is the parent’s duty to let people who will be looking after their child to know when the child should take its medication.

Two ways to meet the needs of young children ages 1-5 years are: one way could be gathering information...
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