Working with and Leading People

Topics: Belbin Team Inventory, Discrimination, 2012 Summer Olympics Pages: 7 (1485 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Task 1(a)

The London 2012 Organizing Committee Is Dedicated To Creating For ‘’Everyone 2012’’. That Indicates To Create A Diverse Working Environment, Free From Discrimination Where Everyone Can Work In Spite Of Their Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Faith Or Disability. At LOCOG, There Is Role For A Workforce Operations Staffing Manager Is Responsible For Planning, Integration And Implementation Of All Workforce And Uniform Department Staff For Olympic And Paralympics Venus To Lead The Team Up To The Event. Where I Will Be Responsible To Write a Report For Recruiting Volunteers in LOCOG During Test Event Using The Knowledge Of Working With And Leading People Module Of Business.

The London Olympic 2012, in this report there are certain divisions where people are working in terms of there job role. The department where I am writing about it, here will be a role manager, line manger and the volunteer following the division’s of organization. There are many key responsibilities, accountabilities Key for the manger to volunteer.

The line manager operates the following role:

• Develop and implement the source of Finance

• Ensure the workforce of team work in Operations

• Mange the supervise Marketing functions

• Create and implement the plan to direct join the workforce

• Assist the progress of on boarding programme for the operations workforce of organization.

The role manager will be responsible for the following activities:

• Legally accounting to perform the team work that has been correctly scopes at every games venue for the test events

• Work with the source volunteer team leads to volunteer recruitment functions in event of selection point.

• Use of scheduling and reporting the workforce to train the team

• Assist the workforce operations and monitoring the event period

• Manage and determine the issues, menace to build up contingency plans.

Belbin team roles:

According to Belbin team roles; there are certain characteristics for the volunteer team shown below:

Understanding the Belbin team role:

• At LOGOC, when the volunteer team is performing as its best, so here I found each team member has clear responsibilities, despite this clear role and responsibilities a team will fall short of its full potential.

Creating Belbin balance teams:

• Belbin team recommends that to understand a role of a particular team, we could develop our team strengths and supervise the weakness as a team member so that we could develop how we contribute to the team

• Team leader and the team development can implement by the use of Belbin model

• Sometimes team can be unbalances and the behavior of roles can be changed so the whole team can be tend to weakness but to obtained the Belbin roles we can proper use of our task and responsibilities that best suit their natural style.

How used the role:

• The Belbin team roles model can use in different ways. Here the Belbin role has been applied to analyze the team member for their potential strengths and weakness in team:

• In the period of time, the volunteer team can be observed as an individual role so that it shows how they behave, contribute and behave within team make sure the job role

• In Belbin roles there has been a comparison of each person strengths and week ness with the team roles description.

Once we have done this role each team member than we consider their roles and responsibilities.


Task 1(b)

In London Olympic 2012, there are some recruitment processes to select the employee. In the organization, recruitments provide the applicants for the purpose of filling job opening. And it is process of searching the employee to stimulate and encourage them to apply the job in LOCOG.

Any organization can recruit people internally and externally. So the internal source of recruitment is following...
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