Working Together for the Benefit of Children and Young People

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Working Together for the Benefit of Children and Young People

By | Jan. 2013
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I have a responsibility to help the children in my care achieve the 5 outcomes of the UK Government Initiative Every Child Matters (ECM) – Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy & Achieve, Make a positive contribution and Achieve economic wellbeing. It is important that I contact and utilise other professionals to help achieve these outcomes. This is where multi-agency and integrated working comes in. By working together with different sectors, professionals and agencies I can help improve the outcomes for children in their developent and learning, which is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

There may be times when I am not the only setting a child attends and this can sometimes cause the child some confusion and possibly upset at the transitions between settings. If everyone involved in the child's care can share key information about the child such as their likes and dislikes, developmental stages it means that the child will have more consistency and feel more included and provided for at each setting. When a child in my setting is due to start at another setting, for example pre-school or reception. I try when possible, with permission of the parents to arrange for myself to take to child and visit the new setting.

As an Early Years setting I have external agencies that I could be involved with:  A local education authority (LEA) is a local authority in England and Wales that has responsibility for education within its jurisdiction. Since the Children Act 2004 each local education authority is also a children's services authority and responsibility for both functions is held by the director of children's services.

Local education authorities have some responsibility for all state schools in their area. * They are...

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