Working Time

Topics: Working time, Addiction, The Time Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: September 14, 2008
People now are getting used to excessive work hours as the globalization accelerates. In order to survive, a large number of enterprises urge their staff to finish more work with higher quality or they are in danger of getting fired. Therefore, it is not so surprising when we get the fact that people work more hours nowadays. Workaholism, which is used by scholars, to describe the phenomenon, brings about a huge revolution in the way people work. The change of work pattern leads to personal problems. There were quite a few divorces caused by the complaints made by one partner on the other partner’s too heavy work load and pressure. There also are workaholic fathers who have never seen his baby awake because of the busy work. Even some social issues are attributed to it. Less people are getting involved in community activities. In addition, the number of juvenile delinquency is increasing, which can be attributed to parents’ over work to some extent. Up to now, many researches have been conducted to find our facts about workaholism. This essay aims to define workaholism and demonstrate its effects on people’s health and happiness. Although the impacts are not positive, measures can be taken to reduce the negative influences of workaholism. To start with, there are several different definitions of workaholism. Oates’ (1971) (cited in Bonebright, 2000, p60) definition is straight and explicit. He described it as “an addition to work, the compulsion or the uncontrollable need to work incessantly.” In addiction, Thorne(1987) (cited in Bonebring, 2000, p60) looked into the phenomenon in a slight distinct angle. In his point of view, it is an obsession to work that many are proud of as the result of encouraging working over industriously in this society. There are several factors which are attributed to the spread of workaholism. Firstly, some people get huge satisfaction from fulfilling a task, therefore those people constrain themselves in the workplace...
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