Working Sheet

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Scientific method, Abu Dhabi Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: December 31, 2012
United Arab Emirates University Student’s Name: -------------- College of Humanities and Social Sciences ID Number: -------------------- Department of Psychology & Counseling Attendance Number: ------------ Section: ------------------------

Scientific Research Skills HSS 110

First semester 2012/2013

Working Sheet
Course Activities & Assignments

1) Select the topic that you are interested in (in a form of variable) , start from general idea or area, attach your reading in your portfolio: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2) Discuss your topic with your activity’s group, report what you learned from the discussions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3) The importance of the topic (Justify your selection: Why did you select this topic? In at least one paragraph):...
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