Working Principle of Electrochromic Devices and Introduction of Smart Glass

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Electrochromic devices: smart glass
Aekachan Pichitpajongkit
International school of engineering, Chulalongkorn university, Bangkok, Thailand

A typical and most widely studied example is the tungsten trioxide (WO ) system. Tungsten trioxide (W ) is a transparent film but on electrochemical reduction, W give the electrochromic effect (blue coloration to the film). Although, there is still controversy about the detailed coloration mechanism, it is generally accepted that the injection and extraction of electrons and metal Keywords: electrochromism, electrochromic device, cations (Li , H , etc.) play an important role for redox smart glass, electrochromic rear-view, smart window system. In case of WO system, general electrochemical reaction can be written as Eq. (1) where M+ is metal cation. [2] 1. Introduction WO + xM + xe → M WO (1) Electrochromism is the effect that alters the color Abstract: Electrochromism has been studied for over past decade and provide many applications that have been commercialized in various aspects. This report presents basic working principle of electrochromic devices and introduction of smart glass. ( ) ( )

by passing a current or applying a potential. Electrochromic material is the one that change transmittance and/or reflectance which is associated with oxidation-reduction reaction. The color change is commonly between a transparent (“bleach”) state and color state, or between a two color states. In case more than two redox states, the electrochromic material may exhibit several colors and can be called multicolorelectrochromism. [1]

3. Electrochromic device: Smart glass An electrochromic glass, usually call “smart glass”, is a device that changes the light transmission and reflection of glass (typically based onWO ). It can be used for a variety of applications 3.1.1 Car mirror (rear-view)

For automotive use at night, electrochromic mirror disallows the lights of following vehicles to dazzle to...
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