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Money, Money and Money

As per the study conducted on 2000 students by the leading independent guide to UK those who have started their studies in 2009 are expected to complete their graduation by paying 23000 pounds. And according to the survey conducted by NatWest, more than 40% students studying in UK will have to do part time work in order to pay their complete course amount as it would be too costly without extra income. Now another tension which comes in the mind of an international student is how to get a part time job? Because of lack of family interaction and support students feel insecure and stressful. Bearing own expenses, paying course fee and family pressure makes the students depressed and feeble.


Amongst old working students, there are lot of fresh students (IST Semester students) who suffers from considerable stress because of not being able to find part time job and insolence. When a student gets part time job then it has been noticed that job timings and other tasks related to job usually interfere with their academic studies. The majority of such students either started remain absent in the lectures or they arrive late in the class. Some of the students come to the lectures looking troubled, burdened and powerless with stress clearly showing all over their faces. Doing part time work along with studies brings five common symptoms which lead to stress: • Change in sleeping routine.

• Change in eating habits.
• Combining education and job schedule.
• The passion to perform well academically by getting good grades. • Meeting financial difficulties.

No doubt that it is difficult to maintain a balance between part time jobs with individual commitments and the demands of study courses but it can be achievable by planning ahead. Try to complete the work in phases, and begin the assignments as soon as...
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