Working Parents

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Working Parents

The issue of whether working parents spend enough time with their children has been around just recently in the last 20 years. This has been considered a major issue lately because nowadays both parents in some families need to work in order to earn enough money to meet their needs on paying bills, buying food, etc. Working parents DO spend enough time with their kids even if it has been reduced by work. Nowadays parents simply just can’t decide whether to work or spend time with their families, it is not their option. According to a census in 2011 57.5% of families have both parents working in the labor force in the U.S. This number has been increased because of the recent economic problems that everyone is going through. Another reason why working parents DO spend enough time with their kids is because everything they do is for their kids and they don’t want to see them sad at all. The reason why parents work so much is so that they can earn money so their children will have a better future. They try to do everything they can for them and try to make every moment they share special. Some factors allow parents to spend time with their children such as involving them in their work, rearranging their schedule to spend more time together or just by doing simple things as watching TV together. Yet, there is only ONE factor which doesn’t allow parents to spend time with their kids which is work. If you were to take work out of a parent’s life he/she will always be with his/her kids. In my opinion there is no one to blame for this issue it is just something that has happened and people need to adjust to. People may say that spending TOO little time with their kids causes problems. Kids CAN have a problem such as low self-esteem or lack of confidence but it is not time’s fault since time has nothing to do with it. The thing is that it is not about the amount of time you spent with your kids it is HOW you spend it with them that matters. Working...
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