Working of Web Search Engines

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Working of Web Search Engines
It is no longer difficult to find and extract information from different sources. Internet, i.e. world wide web is one such place wherein you can get numerous information and you can find everything you want. Computer experts have made it easier for you to gather and find information. You don’t need to know the web address for everything you need to find but rather you can make use of search engines, like Google. Search engines are nothing but special software codes that are designed in a way such that when you type the words that you are finding information on, you would get all the results and you can choose from them on the basis of your relevance. We will now discuss the ways in which the web search engines work in order to provide the relevant information and results to the users. The first process is the gathering of data. Web search engines are also required to gather information and process the same. The technology used for gathering of information is known as internet crawling. Crawling is nothing but the technique that helps in collecting different links from different sources and places on the internet. There are special software known as crawlers that are designed for this purpose and it is important for the crawlers to do their job well because the results of the search engines depend on the work of these crawlers. The next approach that defines the steps of the working of web search engines is the process of indexing. Only gathering the information and data is not enough, the same need to be organized or indexed in a particular way so that it becomes easier for the person in charge to find the information. The search engines have special embedded systems with the help of which they classify and segregate the data and the links on the basis of keywords or some other logic. The search engine results page where you get the results for your search is the most important aspect of these search engines. The results that come...
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