Working Mothers Have Positive Effect on Children

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Exploratory paper: Do working mothers who work outside the home have a negative effect on their children

When I read this topic at first time, I can quickly think of some reasons on both sides.

Such as “if mother work outside she must have less time for her children””children

may feel insecure” or “working mothers have a positive effect on children about

being more independent.””Children will not feel pressure when parents always are

around.” From my own perspective, I strongly agree that working mothers have a

positive effect on their children.

As to me, my mother was a typical working mom. I have to say, she was good at

balancing home and work. No matter how busy at working, she always spent time

with me when I was a child. And because of her and my father, I had chance to learn

piano, chess, and painting in such a young age. Thus my childhood were busy but

colorful than others, I really appreciated to have such wonderful parents and decided

to become an independent woman like my mom. So, as for me, working mothers

who work outside the home do have a positive effect on their children.

In the long history of human being, it is quite natural that women’s job is raising their children. So when we see mothers who work outside, we often think it would have a

negative effect on their children. But Over the last several years, along with the rapid

changes of the world, women nowadays can do well in career as men. Besides, those

who have good future on jobs also have high education. It is true that high educated

mother can build healthier relationship with children, and create a better

environment for kids to grow up. After reading some journals about this topic, there

is no denying that children whose mothers worked were likely to benefit from

higher-quality childcare outside the home, because their parents could afford to

shop around for the best nannies and nursery places (Heidi...
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