Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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Topic: My Career Goal as a Home Maker/Stay at Home Mom
Question: Can being a Home Maker be viewed as a career?
Central Idea: A home maker plays a vital role in the family setting and in society.

There are Choices to be made when you become a Parent.
Just like almost all newly married couples. You have goals of what’s next in your lives together. Finish college and then get that perfect well paying job. Well that is exactly what I had in mind. Wow, what would happen next would be life changing. We added a little baby boy to our family. I remember telling my boss, “I promise I’m not going to quit my job”. The day I gave birth and I saw that precious baby; I knew I could not leave him to go back to work. How could we make this work? Many factors go into decisions of this magnitude. Needless to say, I have been fortunate to experience being a homemaker also know as a stay at home mom for 19 years and still counting. When you define the term “Homemaker” it refers to an adult member of a household who stays at home to perform household services, as to working outside the home. For many women or men this is a dream come true. When you have children at home and you are able to stay home you often find your work more rewarding. It’s a known fact that the dream of staying at home is not for everyone. Some women feel that if they are not in the workforce they do not feel important. They may feel that their identity is not their own. Homemakers provide many aspects to the family. Values are taught and observed by the child which usually sets the foundation for a well balanced childhood then adulthood. They are moms first who love and nurture they are educators, nurses, psychologist, pharmacists, and givers of discipline. There are times when the stay at home mom may feel that her self worth is not appreciated as much as someone with a professional career. Negative stereotypes have been developed and messages relayed that moms who stay at home...
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