Working in Groups

Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Decision making Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: February 24, 2008
Working in Groups
Difference between decision making and problem solving in a team The difference between decision making and problem solving in a team is that decision making forces a judgment to be made whether it's the one thought of by pone member of the team or an alternative while the problem solving is a process that allows the team to think the problem through in order to access the best possible way of dealing with it with little or no repercussions. Decision making is broken down into brainstorming (as many ideas are thought of as possible in a short time frame), (DOT) Decreasing Options Technique (the revision of such ideas into a summary or manageable amount), (NGT) Nominal Group Technique (allows the inclusion of silent ideas or ideas which were not voiced but indicated) and (PERT) Program Evaluation and Review Technique (is a tool used to aid in the planning and directing of each step which needs to be done in order to reach the desired result). The problem solving method is broken down into creative process and creative methods. Problem solving is broken down into the creative process (the development and communication of new and unusual possibilities through investigation, imagination, incubation and insight) and creative methods (produces and/or encourages a control judgment, innovation, scenarios of "what if's?" and the use of metaphors to compare situations or problems to other things to portray an understanding which is understood by all). Effects on group decision making

The influences of politics on the group process are: (1) the existence of hidden agendas and political interest at meetings etc, (2) the true reasons for opposing a proposal are not voiced, (3) the withholding of pertinent information which would obviously influence the result of a debate or discussion as a way of controlling the progress or outcome. To minimize the affects of politics, there should be clear procedures set in place. The influence of preexisting...
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