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Topics: Afro-textured hair, Hair straightening, Afro Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Tewyner Hall English 101
Ms. Montreal
Sept 10, 2012
Response Paper2
“Straightening Our Hair”
By bell hooks

In the essay “Straightening Our Hair” by bell hooks, she expresses the reasons why black women straighten their hair, the stereotypical thoughts that people presumed about black hair and the pros and the cons of black women straighten their hair. She reminisces on fond personal experiences as a young girl, getting her hair pressed and her intentions for hair choices she’s made since. She informs black women that their true strength and beauty lies within their knowledge and love for themselves and not in allowing society’s opinion about beauty conform them to a specific appearance. In the quote “Even though black women with straight hair were perceived to be more beautiful than those with thick, frizzy hair, it was not overtly related to a notion that white women were a more appealing female group or that their straight hair set a beauty standard black women were struggling to live out” (pg1). Hooks is basically saying that just because people thought black women with straight hair were more striking than black women with nappy hair doesn’t mean that people believed white women were more attractive than black women just because white women had naturally straight hair. I totally agree with this statement because black women are genetically equipped with hair straightening talents that white women wish they had. Black women straightening their hair was just the tip of the “ice berg” in them transforming their looks to expose their creativity and personality. I change my hair according to how I feel on a daily basis, I love me therefore, I do what makes me happy regardless of what someone else’s judgment may be. Bell Hooks purpose for this essay was to get black women to appreciate...
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