Working for a Small Business vs a Large Company

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Working For a Small Business vs. a Large Company
Kristina Samardzija
November 7, 2012
Dr. Dawn Michaux

Working For a Small Business vs. a Large Company
Are you looking to start a new career, or change positions in a current job? What qualities are you looking for? Would you rather work for a small business, or for a large company? What are your short and long term goals? Ask yourself, what would give you overall job satisfaction? Working for a small business may be easier to get hired into, more flexible and secure although your salary, opportunities, and overall benefits within a large company may be more appealing to you. When applying for a position in a small business, the hiring process will most likely be very simple. You may only experience one or two interviews before actually being hired. However, when seeking employment within a large company, you may endure anywhere from five to ten interviews before you are actually hired in. When it comes to being hired into a small business, they are usually looking for people that have experience, or similar skills that will make them easily trained, and an overall good employee. In a large company, having contacts or inner sources are key to obtaining a job. According to” (n.d.). Retrieved from”, 85% of job listings are never posted; it is not what you know, but who you know. Overall, there are seven qualities that every employer looks for when making the decision to hire or not, this goes for both small business and large company’s, these qualities are: intelligence, leadership ability, integrity, likability, competence, courage, and last but not least inner strength. The salary being hired into a small business is almost always lower than working for a large company, you could see anywhere from one to five dollars difference in the starting salaries. Generally, in a small business, there is not a projected budget for salaries for the year; normally,...
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